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About Us


It was founded in 1950 by the late İsmail Sarıalioğlu, nicknamed “Bozbey”. Our adventure, which started with the transportation of hazelnuts and sugar between Trabzon and Erzurum provinces on horseback, continues today as a leading company in personnel and tourism transportation.

Since the year we were founded, we have implemented many successful projects by adopting Sarıalioğlu’s commitment to his work and innovative perspective as a vision. At the beginning of the works we are proud of is Istanbul Airport, the largest airport project in the world.

Göktürk Office Phone: 0212 322 1861

In 2015, we took on the duty of personnel transportation of Istanbul Airport and updated our center as Istanbul.

In our service category, there are different services that can be a solution to individual and corporate demands. Company, school – student transportation, personnel transportation, private transfer and public transportation are among our services.

We are in continuous development and renewal to meet customer demands and expectations. We are updating the vehicle fleet in accordance with the conditions and needs of the day by taking customer satisfaction to the target point.

We continue to provide timely service for different institutions and special requests with our expert manager team, trained personnel and safe and comfortable vehicles, where the latest technological equipment is preferred. We are expanding our service network day by day by providing a direct solution to the timely transportation problem of institutions.


To provide excellence in transportation services by targeting continuous innovation, customer satisfaction and safety. To meet the needs of the sector in a controlled and balanced way and to continue to provide institutions with a smooth experience in corporate service. Maintaining quality service by providing safe and timely transportation in addition to provide active service in the new sectors emerging today and always go one step further.


To ensure excellence in transportation, to maintain its leading position and to operate in new sectors and reach international markets. To be at the top by continuing to show its difference with the quality and superior service standards achieved in the sector.